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What is RACSS?

The Rochester Area Council for the Social Studies (RACSS) is a professional association of teachers and supervisors at the elementary, middle, secondary, college and university levels.  Membership is open to all persons who teach, supervise, develop curricula, engage in research, or are otherwise concerned with social studies education.  The organization is a marketplace of ideas as well as a forum and showcase for new materials, teaching methods, strategies, programs, and personalities.  Established in the 1970s, the Rochester Area Council for the Social Studies has been one of the largest and most active affiliates of the New York State Council for the Social Studies.

The BIG 6 Ways RACSS can serve its members:
1. Advocating for social studies education in Albany
2. Cultivating a virtual community of social studies educators
3. Enhancing teacher mastery of content
4. Helping members improve pedagogy and differentiate instruction
5. Maintaining a calendar of social studies related events
6. Tapping into local history resources and museums

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