The Global History & Geography Regents exam will be undergoing some changes in the near future, with the first change having implications for our students on the June 2018 exam. Find specific information below...

The "Transition" Exam...

    • Will first be administered in June 2018 with the last administration in June 2020
    • Will only contain 30 multiple choice questions instead of 50.
    • Will have a Thematic Essay and DBQ as in the past.
    • Be based only on Units 5-8 and the Methodologies Unit of our old NYS Global Core Curriculum - NOT Global I content from units 1-4.
    • The Test Specifications Grid approximates the number of questions from each standard and unit.

The "New Framework" Exam...

    • Will first be administered in June 2019 and will be the only exam administered when the transition exam phases out.
    • Is formatted to include 25-30 stimulus based-multiple choice questions, 2-3 sets of three short-answer questions (with 2 documents per set), and 1 enduring issues essay (including 5 documents).
    • NYSED has produced a video webinar series (below) to outline the format of the new exam and the exam creation process.

New York State Memos

The following memos and notices from the New York State Education Department provide official documentation around the Global History & Geography transition:

NYSED Webinar Series and Related Resources

The vidoes below were produced by the New York State Education Department to help teachers understand the coming changes to the Global History & Geography Regents exam. We've paired each video with the related resources to support your understanding.

Evidence-Centered Design

Related Resources: 

Part I Multiple Choice

Part I Multiple Choice Task Models

Part II Short Answer Questions

Part III Enduring Issues Essay

Understanding the New Global History and Geography Exam

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, RACSS sponsored a workshop for educators to assist in understanding the new Global History and Geography Regents exam.  Led by Donna Merlau, Associate in Instructional Services in the NYSED Office of State Assessment, educators engaged in activities focused on understanding the exam as a whole, with a focus on the Part III Enduring Issues essay.  Relevant materials from the workshop (that are not already posted above) are posted below.  

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